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Nature Discovery Christian School

90980 River Road
Junction City, OR  97448
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Private School | Christian Values

High School

Looking for a private school for your high school student?

High School is an important time in every young person’s life because they are experiencing drastic physical and mental changes.  The social behavior they exhibit is strongly influenced by peer and social groups. NDCA has a small community environment with a Christian focus, which helps ensure a positive learning environment. We offer STEM science-focused curriculum with a supportive, faith-based school atmosphere including regular chapel services and service projects.

Nature Discovery Christian Academy started their High School program during the 2017-2018 school year. The high school program is taught in an inclusive classroom with all students studying history, science, literature, and specialty courses together.  Math, grammar, and etymology (spelling and word origins) are provided through individualized instruction. Bible instruction is taught throughout the curriculum, particularly in English, etymology, and history.  Students also participate in weekly explicit Bible instruction and memorization.

Class Offerings



Literature & Language Arts



Bible Study

Career Education

Foreign Language

Art & Music

Physical Education & Health

Course of Study Overview

Math: The Saxon curriculum is used with the goal of having all students complete Algebra I, Algebra II, and Advanced Mathematics (a two-year course which includes trigonometry and pre-calculus).  Geometry is integrated throughout the Saxon curriculum.

History: U.S. history, world history, government, and world geography.

Science: Biology, chemistry, conceptual physics, and Earth science/astronomy. All courses include lab work and hands-on activities.

Language Arts: Students will have four years of writing as well as individual coursework in grammar and etymology.

Literature: Each year, students will read and discuss a variety of books including classics, biographies, and historical fiction.

Students will also have instruction in: Physical Education, foreign language, art and music appreciation, health, career education, and computer instruction.

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