Looking for a private school for your preschool/pre-kindergartener?

NDCS, located just outside Eugene, Oregon, offers a community environment with a Christian focus to get your little one set up for a successful academic future. Our preschool is a back-to-basics program teaching children vital skills. Children learn about letters, sounds, numbers, and develop character awareness.

What does our Preschool/Pre-kindergarten Program Offer?

The preschool program is a back-to-basics program that teaches young children vital skills. Hands on activities are used as children learn to recognize letters, explore beginning letter sounds, understand number concepts, and develop character awareness. Children in all classes also participate in daily devotionals and have weekly Bible lessons. A strong commitment to both environmental awareness and active learning is reflected in all areas of the curriculum. A daily science and nature study is an essential part of this unique program.

Hands on Activities

Science & Nature Study





Bible Studies

Character Awareness

A Place to Call Home

In a small school, the pace of learning can be tailored to each student. As they are learning their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes teachers can take time to problem-solve, practice, and encourage. Preschoolers truly benefit from this personalized approach.

Spiritual Growth

At NDCS, we believe in nourishing the whole person: body, mind and soul. Our Preschool kids play a big part in the chapel and worship activities they participate in throughout the year. Our Preschool uses Highreach Integrated Learning System (HILS). Preschoolers never cease to amaze us with their simple, and often precocious faith. Having them play a part in the worship of our community is always an edifying experience.

A Focus on Nature

The whole earth is full of the glory of God, and we understand that he is the best teacher of all! Our school is called Nature Discovery for a reason: a closeness with God’s Creation makes children happier, healthier, more curious, more vigorous, more reverent, and more attuned to the gifts God gives us. We encourage outside time, hiking, poking things, touching bugs, and other activities Public schools have generally omitted. Our clean air and country setting are perfect for exploring God’s creation.

Extended Hours to Fit Your Schedule

As a small private school, we can make accommodations that other schools might not be able to. Just ask! Our campus opens at 7:30 am, serving our families that need before school care. After school care is available until 5:30 pm.

Enrollment and School Schedule

NDCS offers a variety of enrollment options for your preschooler including 3-day plans, full week plans, aftercare, and more. We accept EDRC payments and offer family discounts. Because we understand school can be a big expense, we work to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our families.

Have Questions?

We appreciate your interest in Nature Discovery Christian School. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour.