Tuition & Fees

We understand school can be a big expense. We work hard to keep our costs low in order to keep quality Christian education affordable for all. Explore our flexible tuition options below.

Registration Fees

  •  Annual enrollment fee: $400 per student
    The enrollment fee includes the cost of your student’s classroom supplies, curriculum, and a school t-shirt.
    *Fees due at time of enrollment.
  • Automatic billing fee (through TADS): $50 per family**
    **This is an annual fee which is required for each family.

Tuition Rates

Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3+)

Days:Schedule:Annual Tuition:Start:End:
3-day (MWF)Morning$4,0008:30 AM12:30 PM
3-day (MWF)Full Day*$6,4008:30 AM3:00 PM
3-day (MWF)Full Day Plus**$7,5008:30 AM5:30 PM
5-day (M-F)Morning$4,1508:30 AM12:30 PM
5-day (M-F)Full Day*$6,6008:30 AM3:00 PM
5-day (M-F)Full Day Plus**$7,8008:30 AM5:30 PM

*includes Afternoon Science Camp from 12:30-3:00
**includes after-school care from 3:00-5:30


Schedule:Annual Tuition:Start:End:
Full Day*$3,7508:30 AM3:00 PM
Full Day Plus**$7,8008:30 AM5:30 PM

**includes after-school care from 3:00-5:30

Elementary and Upper Grades

Class (grade):Annual Tuition:Start:End:
1st & 2nd$4,2508:30 AM3:00 PM
3rd & 4th$4,2508:30 AM3:00 PM
5th & 6th$4,2508:30 AM3:00 PM
7th & 8th$4,2508:30 AM3:00 PM
9th - 12th$4,5008:30 AM3:00 PM

Before and after-school care

Before-school care is provided FREE OF CHARGE from 7:30am – 8:30am.
After-school care is offered at a rate of $7/hr for all grades, up through 5:30pm.

Payment Schedule

Annual tuition is payable either as 10 equal monthly payments (September – June), OR as a one-time payment with a 5% pre-pay discount.


In addition to a 5% prepay discount, sibling discounts are available as follows:
  • 1st (oldest) child – full price tuition
  • 2nd child – 10% off their tuition
  • 3rd child – 15% off their tuition
  • 4th+ children – 20% off their tuition

Financial Aid

Due to our low tuition rates, our school is currently unable to offer financial aid or scholarships.  However, we DO accept DHS child care payments which is a State of Oregon assistance program for low-income families.  Additionally, if you have valuable skills, expertise, or business connections that would benefit our school, we may be open to a tuition-credit trade with you.  Call us or e-mail us for more information.

Have Questions?

We appreciate your interest in Nature Discovery Christian School. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour.