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OWL Hours

The OWL hours volunteering program was created to encourage parent involvement within NDCA. We strongly believe parent involvement is a key part to student success and keeps our school thriving. This program requires each family enrolled at NDCA participate in at least 12 volunteer hours (per student) per term with a total of 24 hours (per student) for the entire school year. Families must complete 12 hours (per student) between September and January, and 12 hours (per student) between February and June.

Each family is also required to attend 5 PTO meetings every school year, and help with one fundraiser.

How to Earn Owl Hours?

There are many volunteer needs – assisting on field trips, planning room parties, assisting with lunch and/or recess, attending PTO meetings, school work days, and helping with fundraisers. Additionally, our school would love to partner with you in any area that you have unique skills, experience, or expertise. Remember volunteer work and volunteer travel time are tax deductible items.

  • Landscaping
    • Pulling Weeds
    • Trimming Shrubbery
    • Mowing
  • Pressure Washing
    • Driveway
    • Walkways
    • Patio around pond
  • Chaperone on school field trips
  • General Cleaning
    • Washing Windows
  • Assist with school functions
    • Pi Day
    • Field Day
    • Grandparent’s Day Lunch
    • Mother’s Day Tea
    • Father’s Day Rootbeer Floats
  •  Setup and take-down at fundraisers
  • Building repair and maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance of school property (pond, fountain, fences, walkways, etc.)
  • Assist with seasonal decorations
  • Donations for fundraiser events
    • Pi Day
    • Field Day
    • Grandparent’s Day Lunch
    • Mother’s Day Tea
    • Father’s Day Rootbeer Floats
  • Attend PTO meetings and assist with PTO activities
  • Advertise school posts and events on Social Media (see Gwendy for more info)
  •  Post fliers for our school around town
  • Guest Speaker for Veterans Day

Who Can Earn Owl Hours?

We believe it truly does take a village! OWL hours can be earned by most any family member including grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, moms, dads, and older siblings.

What Happens if I Don't Complete My Owl Hours?

Each OWL hour is valued at $25 dollars. You will receive a bill at the end of each term for any incomplete OWL hours (per student). We understand that life can get busy. If you are unable to complete any OWL hours, you will be charged $300 (per student) per term. Remember donations also count as hours!

Have Questions?

We appreciate your interest in Nature Discovery Christian Academy. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour.

Parents: log your Owl Hours